Investment Idea: Trucking Fresh Water around California

CNBC has a great story this morning about entrepreneurs already ramping up businesses for shipping fresh water around California:

“Shaw runs a business that helps farmers and residents find groundwater, and he currently has a waiting list of “28 days out” for appointments. He said the average groundwater tests cost $1,600 for domestic customers, and $3,500 or more for agricultural customers.”

I give it a few months before the going rate for fresh water deliveries at least doubles.

Seems like a great AfterBubble investment idea to start a water delivery service using leased trucks. Bring water in from Idaho or Washington state.


Here is a great list of bulk water delivery companies in California, I wonder how many might need financing ?


Portable, collapsible water storage tanks…how long before we see these in every back yard in Cali ?


This summer is likely to be devastating for the southwest: