Can California really accelerate water projects ? or is ‘regulatory capture’ too big to reverse…

Bill in Congress sets deadlines for California water studies

Doug Obegi, an attorney with the Natural Resources Defense Council, said his group is eager to see the results of the studies as well, but he said rushing them could lead to flawed analysis.

“I understand the desire to get the studies done,” Obegi said. “We want to make sure the studies are done well.”


There lies the problem. I’m skeptical that TPTB (i.e. EPA, NRDC, Sierra Club) are now going to walk back 30 years of ‘environmental’ lobbying to accelerate solutions to the ongoing drought. There will be more studies that will take years to produce results but ultimately will not lead to any substantial changes in water policy. Water projects needed to be started decades ago.

The politics of water will put extreme pressure on the ‘environmental’ lobbyists as well as Sacremento to justify water management policies that were entrenched  during a time of relative abudance.

Short of finding a way to transport huge quantities to fresh water to California,  from other parts of the U.S., I cannot see how the Southwest has any short term fixes that are remotely practical.