About Us

headshotAfterBubble is a blog hosted by Capital American LLC and is focused on topics involving the ‘bubble’ economy that has existed since 2001. We explore the future of work in the new economy and how bubbles will impact how we will all be making a living in the near future.



Regular bubbles now seem to be a permanent part of the global economy. Adapting to this new normal situation will require radically rethinking issues of employment, finance and politics. Although bubbles have been around for a long time we have entered into a new era of central banking control over the global monetary system.


Since 2000 the global economy has been vacillating between ever larger boom-bust cycles brought about primarily by central banks attempting to mitigate the results of their previous monetary policy mistakes.

Bubble-1: 1995-2001 (aka Dot-com)


Bubble-2: 2001-2007 (aka Real Estate)


Bubble-3: 2008-? (aka Everything)