5 FRED Charts Every CEO Should Watch

fred-logo-2xFRED is a free resource for analyzing global economic data. It used to be tedious gathering data from various economics sites to analyze and graph in Excel. Now it’s a snap to search for a key indicator and have FRED generate a pretty chart that can be easily embedded in a blog or exported as a graphic. Below are my top 5 charts every CEO should watch in the ZIRP-conomy:

1) Sales to Inventory Ratio

The inventories to sales ratios show the relationship of the end-of-month values of inventory to the monthly sales. These ratios can be looked at as indications of the number of months of inventory that are on hand in relation to the sales for a month.

2) Labor Participation Rate

The participation rate refers to the number of people who are either employed or are actively looking for work. The number of people who are no longer actively searching for work would not be included in the participation rate.

3) Real GDP

The value of all goods and services, adjusted for inflation, produced in a given year typically expressed in base-year prices.

4) Rail Freight Carloads

5) Global Price of Crude Oil

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